Coats On, Coats Off – It’s Wet Today

Is it me or is it difficult to know what to wear at this time of year?   It was fairly bucketing down with rain when we set off but warm too.  I was wearing a thin T shirt under my coat and within half a mile of setting off I was already sweating.  Yesterday I was wearing a top, a fleece AND a coat!

I was considering walking in a different area of Cannock Chase today.  However I didn’t fancy poring over the map or possibly getting lost while getting wet as well.  The good news is that the rest of the week looks better.

And today was a day when the weather couldn’t make up its mind.  Rain, then drizzle, then rain again and so on.  For all 4 of us (the ‘kids’ have their own waterproofs too) it was ‘coats on, coats off, coats on, coats off’.   That is until I got fed up and just left all our coats on. 

The problem with rain is all the muddy footprints left behind (theirs and mine). And why is it that no matter how big your house is, there never seems to be enough space to dry everything off?    I’ve mentioned this before in other posts but when you are thinking of getting a dog:

  • make sure you have somewhere warm and spacious to dry them off – as in space to towel them down and then leave them to be comfortable where they can’t get mud and water all over the house
  • be prepared for just how many muddy footprints you are going to have in winter and how much cleaning you’ll have to do,
  • if you have a dog which gets cold in the rain (toy and thin coated dogs especially), or just hates getting wet, please buy it a coat.  Mine have 2 coats – a lightweight summer waterproof and a thick fleece-lined winter waterproof.  They wear the winter coat when its cold too
  • have easily washable and quick drying dog beds or dog bedding, prfeferably small enough to get in the tumble dryer
  • consider having solid wood, laminate or non-slip vinyl floors which are easier to clean.

And to finish here’s a photo of ‘the kids’ in their waterproofs for you to enjoy!  From left – Arwen, Vinnie (back) and Kylah.

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