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The question

I don’t know what dog is going to be right for me when I move from MN to GA. Should I go with a big dog like a Rottweiler or a little dog like a Yorkie or Chihuahua? My appartment/townhouse is going to have a dog park and jogging trail for them to get exercise. I will probably want a dog that is ok with car rides for when I go back to MN to visit, because I won’t want to lock it up in a kennel. I am leaning more towards a Yorkie now, but I just don’t know how well they do with car rides. Also, I don’t know if I should the dog before I leave for GA so that I can train it before I start getting stressed and busy from just moving across the country, or if I should get it after I move to GA because that’s where it’s going to be living for the rest of it’s life. Any suggestions will help and I will really appreciate it. Thank You!  Holly

It’s difficult to answer this kind of question because the information is so general.  That’s why I created the website, the free guides and the book.  So people like Holly could get help that will last them for the rest of their lives at a fraction of the cost of hiring a dog trainer for a problem dog later on.  However, it was great that Holly was even asking the question!  Far too few people ever get that far.

So here’s my answer

Hi Holly. I am so glad to see you are thinking about this! So many people never do! My advice first of all is to wait to get a dog until after you have moved. Moving as you identified is busy and stressful and it can be upsetting for a new dog. Dogs need rules and structure to their day so it’s best to wait until you are settled and have got a grasp of your new life – then you can introduce a dog into it once you’re calm and peaceful. If you’re stressed, the dog will be too.

Let’s look at moving around in the car. Most dogs learn to be ok in a car if its done well from an early age – start with little journeys either with your dog in the boot secured behind a dog guard, or properly harnessed into the back seat. Give lots of encouragement and lots of praise for being good. Gradually lengthen the journey times until you’re ready for the big one. Check out rescue because a lot of adult dogs are already great with travelling, and rescues get a lot of pure breeds as well as crosses.

Please don’t get fixed on certain breeds because that’s a mistake a lot of people make and it gets them really in trouble. As for size of dog, it does depend a lot on your house size, garden size, where you’ll be living (city/town?) and what kind of person you are, and how much exercise you’ll do with your dog. That’s a really big subject. If you haven’t done so please pick up my free guides and think very carefully about who and what you’re about.

Also be aware that some dogs are prone to lots of health problems so if you are thinking of a Yorkie BE VERY CAREFUL with the breeding.

I can’t give you any more than this in a quick reply because I would need to know more about you. However, I can teach you everything you need to know now and for the rest of your life for less than one hour with me in person. How? Well it’s all in the book on how to choose a dog and that’s why I wrote it I promise you it will get you the EXACT match today, tomorrow and every time you want to choose a new dog from now on.

Thanks for the contact. Have a good look at all the breed profiles on the site and do pick up the free guides at least!


I love to hear from people about their experiences – good and bad – so I hope Holly finds what she is looking for and let’s me know so I can tell you too.

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2 Responses to “Choosing A Dog | Helping Holly From Minnesota”

  • Liz says:

    It sounds funny but according to latest study when people pick a dog, they seek one that, at some level, resembles them. Do you think there is truth in this?

  • Beverley says:

    Hi Liz. Yes I do think people choose a dog that in some way resembles them. It could be that the dog looks like them – we often see dogs with owners who look uncannily alike. Around here I see a lot of people with Staffordshire Bull Terriers who are as square as their dog! However, the way a dog looks isn’t the only way a dog should resemble its owner.

    I say a dog should resemble its owner in its personality and outlook on life. That way, the dog and the owner are matched and can be in harmony for ever. My lurcher Kylah is perfectly matched and resembles me in many aspects of her personality. She’s outgoing, outspoken, independent-minded, intelligent, a bit dominant, charming and sweet when needed, and has a huge sense of humour. She loves people she knows dearly, has a long memory and will make sure she has checked a new person out thoroughly before she accepts them as a friend. My other dogs have all has personalities that in some way resemble my own. As I am short and rather stocky, I don’t think my elegant dogs look like me physically, but they do match me mentally.

    As far as I’m concerned choosing for looks only works if the dog resembles the owner in the ‘personality’ stakes. By personality I mean the dog they’ve chosen is in line with most important aspects of that person’s lifestyle – can the dog cope with the working hours, exercise level, household type, kids etc. A lot of people who don’t choose dogs that resemble them and their lifestyle end up with a big problem, which is why I wrote my book helping people to really appreciate how to get it right. There are lots of pieces in the jigsaw puzzle!

    As for me, I hope that one day I might be as sleek and fast as my dogs!