A Happy Owner Of A Rescue Dog

More good news – this time from an early subscriber to my free guides.  This person claimed her free guides and e-mail advice some time ago.  This was when I had a different set of free guides and the Quick Start Guide was a series of online e-mail lessons.

Debra e-mailed halfway through the lessons to say how much she appreciated them and how much she had learned.  Then I received this on January 19, 2011:

You are AWESOME!  I personally would have told them don’t let door hit you in the butt on the way out!  I am so happy with my little rescue dog Muffin. As is my friend Carolynn with her little rescue dog Cookie. We call our little girls “Our Baked Goods”, “Our Pastry Pets”!  We take them almost every where we go! Keep being the Awesome Person You Are doing the Awesome Work that You Do!

Debra Sego-Castaneda

And after I’d asked for permission to use this Debra sent this:

You are more than Welcomed to use my testimonial! I am so grateful for the wonderful Job that you and your staff do on a daily bases! I truly think that not only do you do Pet Rescue, but you and your four legged friends rescue people! Thank You for Being A Blessing! Debra

This shows the power of the information you can get from this site.  Debra and Carolynn used what they’d learned to choose rescue dogs which they obviously adore!  And that was before the free guides were updated.

Choosing a dog from rescue can be every bit as daunting and difficult as buying a puppy from a breeder.  In fact it can be more difficult, because:

  • you first have to know what kind of dog you need – what exercise, size, personality, age, coat type and a whole host of other things suit you best
  • you then have to find a good rescue centre that will give you more advice and support
  • you then have to find a dog that fits your needs, by matching the assortment of pure breeds and cross breeds in the rescue centre to what you want
  • you probably have to shortlist and consider two or three dogs at each rescue centre because there will usually be more than one which could suit you, but all in different ways
  • and finally, you have to convince them to let you have that dog.

Rescue centres and rescue shelters – good ones – want to make sure you really have done all the thinking properly.  The last thing they want is that dog coming back again (and again, and again).  So they will usually quiz you hard and do a home visit to check your home is suitable for their dogs.  Some of these dogs have been in and out of several different homes already and maybe had a bad start in life.  So you have some work to do to prove you are a ‘forever home’.

(Choosing from a breeder should involve proper checks, but often doesn’t.  Good breeders do, but many breeders are simply interested in the money.  The e-book contains everything you need to know about choosing a great breeder.)

Debra and Carolynn are examples of how it should work.  They took advice, did some thinking and obviously chose well!   They are also super examples of how someone else’s ‘problem dog’ can be your perfect companion.  It’s just a matter of taking the right steps.

Pass the word around, because I want everyone who visits me here to be the same joyful success story!

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