A Happy Owner Of A Non-Shedding Dog

I had some good news a few days ago and wanted to post this up on the blog.  It is about choosing a non-shedding dog the right way. 

The people involved in this happy story:

  1. Visited the site and signed up for their free guides
  2. Read their free guides and e-mail advice
  3. Thought carefully about what they might do
  4. Asked for some quick advice from me directly
  5. Received and considered that advice
  6. Went away and did something slightly different – and found their perfect dog!

So here is what happened:

Feb 9th 2011

Hi Bev
Thank u so much for your e-mail.  

As we have a son-in-law who is very highly allergic we were thinking of a crossbreed like a schnoodle I understand that schnauzer’s are people dogs and I am looking for a robust dog that likes plenty of long walks and plenty of cuddles.  What do you think about this breed?
Thank you
Stephanie Robinson


My reply:

“Hi Stephanie
Sorry I’ve not replied before now!  Things have been a bit mad at my end.
Ok let’s look at Mr Schnoodle – yes that will be low allergy because both Schnauzers and Poodles are.  However people can be affected differently by different low allergy breeds.  Your best bet is to test adults of both breeds with your son in law separately, leaving several days between each.  Do make sure he’s got an anaphylactic shock or allergy relief medication handy. 
My advice would be for someone who is very allergic to always go for a pure breed – that way you know exactly what you’re getting. In crosses, you can never be sure which side of the cross will be dominant in a puppy. Also with very allergic people go for something as short coated as possible or even hairless (if you can do hairless!).
If you still think a Schnoodle is the one for you, providing the breeding is good you should get what you’re after.  I like giant schnauzers much more than I like the smaller varieties because the smaller ones can be very yappy. Poodles are highly intelligent, active and affectionate dogs and we know they work well for a lot of people with dog allergies.
My initial reaction to your spec was possibly consider also an Irish Wheaten Terrier. They do have a longer coat but can be kept clipped or trimmed.  These are lovely dogs.  I have never met a Wheaten I didn’t like – they are medium, robust, fun and people-centred.

Do check out the breed profiles for both Schnauzers and Poodles on my low allergy dogs directory to be sure a Schnoodle is for you.
Plus, everything you need to choose a dog is in my e-book which I have just revamped.  Do consider it – there’s way more in there than I could ever help you with over e-mail, and for a lot less than any personal coaching. 
Best wishes

March 6, 2011

Hi Bev
Thank u for your invaluable help.  On Tuesday we purchased what we think is going to turn out to be our ‘perfect dog’.  Thanks to you we purchased a Borderdoodle (Border Terrier x Miniature Poodle).  Both breeds we understand are perfect for 1st time owners and our little Bobby is proving the breeds right so far.  He is an absolute little darling and much loved by us all, a very easy going and loving little boy.
We are looking forward to many years of long daily walks and many many cuddles.
Thank you again.
Stephanie Robinson

March 17, 2011

” Hi Stephanie and THANKS for the happy update!  I am delighted for you!!!!!
Some days I think I must be mad for doing this and then I get two e-mails on the same day telling me about success.  So I’m not insane after all.   I wish you many, many years of JOY with your lovely Bobby.


This success is what I hoped to achieve when I set up this site.  Happy people and happy dogs in forever homes.  Come and join us!

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