Hypoallergenic Dogs – Are Hypoallergenic Dogs a Myth?

I’m constantly doing some form of dog research on the internet.  I was doing a review of information on non-shedding, hypoallergenic and low allergy dogs when I came across this.

Someone had typed this question into Google:

 Are hypoallergenic dogs a myth”

The answer to this is ‘no’ because there are at least 47 pure breeds of dog that are verified as hypoallergenic.  ‘Hypoallergenic dogs’  are also commonly known as low allergy dogs or non-shedding dogs.

There is an ever-growing list of dogs that have worked for some people with dog allergies that are not on any Kennel Club list.  I will be contacting Kennel Clubs again this year on my annual review to see if any breeds have been added to their lists – or taken off.

I was interested to know why the person was asking the question.   There is a lot of information on hypoallergenic dogs about, so we do know they exist.

  • Had they received second or third hand information from someone who said the notion of hypoallergenic dogs was ‘rubbish’ and believed it? 
  • Were they just victims of the mass market which doesn’t really cater for someone who needs to choose a low allergy dog? 
  • Had they somehow got the idea that ’hypoallergenic’ meant entirely no allergy-producing qualities? 
  • Or was there some other reason?

I know that a lot of websites have conflicting information on hypoallergenic dogs.  There are lots of different lists out there.  Lots of websites just don’t have an up to date list, and don’t update what they do have either.

That was the problem when  I started researching hypoallergenic, low allergy and non-shedding dogs.

Also there are people who will tell you certain dog breeds are hypoallergenic when they are not.  And there are other designer dog breeds with lots of hype, like the Labradoodle, where even the UK Labradoodle Trust has stated publicly that these dogs are not suitable for people with dog allergies!

I did a lot of work on my Guide to low allergy dogs to make sure people like you get the right information.  As far as I know, I am the ONLY person on the internet who does an annual review and updates their list.  And the only person who contacts such a wide range of  national Kennel Clubs for verification.

If you haven’t got your Guides yet, please claim them and share them around anywhere you like.  These guides are for everyone, everywhere and are totally ‘no strings’.  They are designed to help anyone who wants to choose a dog.

I review my list of hypoallergenic dogs once a year to make sure it’s the most accurate on the internet.  So please send your guides on, especially if you find someone with a dog allergy who needs help.

If you already have a dog and a dog allergy, please contact me today and tell me all about it, because it might be a breed I don’t have on my list yet.

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