Dog Homeopathy And Alternative Therapies – Bowen Massage

Bowen Massage, or Bowen Technique as it is also called, is a really cool way of helping your dog heal after injury.  It’s a soothing deep tissue massage.  Let me tell you about how I found out about Bowen Massage and Dog Homeopathy.

Holly’s accident

My husband and I were out walking with our dogs one night in the local park in Birmingham, where we used to live.  It was pretty dark.  We had torches and the dogs were racing around after shadows, as usual.  Suddenly we heard a great squeal and knew someone had been injured. 

We found Holly on the grass, looking groggy.  We stood her up and she tottered a few steps, then fell over.  Then she went unconscious and limp – hardly breathing.

We were in a panic.  My husband picked her up and literally ran home with her.  I walked along with the other dogs and caught up wtih him at home.  By then  he had phoned the vets as an emergency and was just taking her down in the car.

The vet put her in an oxygen tent overnight and administered some dog adrenalin to keep her breathing.  In the morning she was alive but still could hardly walk.  The vet looked at us sadly.  He said:

I have no idea what happened and I can’t help her any more than  I have.  Conventional medicine doesn’t have the answer.  Your best bet is to find a homeopathic vet and see what they can offer. 

So we did.

From death’s door to full recovery in just 6 weeks!

We found a homeopathic vet locally, which was fortunate.  I took Holly myself and had to lift her out of the car because she’d never have made the jump safely. 

The lovely lady vet did an examination.  She told us Holly had trauma to the neck.  Holly had run into something at high speed and it had pushed her neck down and to the right very hard.  She had hurt all the muscles and twisted her spine,  hence the shock and breathing problems.

The vet put together a set of homeopathic drops for us to deal with the inflammation and speed the healing.  She also suggested that we use the lady who shared the practice for some Bowen Massage.  This lady was available right then so I jumped at the chance.

The Bowen lady worked on Holly for about 10 minutes.  She hardly seemed to do anything, but what a change it made.  Holly had staggered into the surgery almost unable to control her legs.  She left wobbly, but coordinated and upright.  And she jumped into the car boot! 

She slept like a log in the car on thh way back.  We learned that Bowen Technique can put the dog into a deep healing sleep.

Holly’s recovery was dramatic.  After 3 weeks of treatment she was up to full length lead walks.  After just 6 weeks she was off lead as if nothing had ever happened.  It was a miracle.  From death’s door to full recovery in just 6 weeks.

This is about what works, not about egos

No I’m not a new age hippie, but I have always believed there are powers in this world very few of us really know, appreciate or understand.  

How many ‘old wives tales’ do we now know to work or be true?

I believed in the power of such therapies long ago.  Well before Holly’s accident. I have an open mind on all possible routes for cure.  And I’ve used such routes to help my dogs heal alongside traditional veterinary medecine.   So I get really angry with people who dismiss things like this out of hand.

Enter Dr Andrew Jones

If you’re interested in ways to help heal your dog at home, I’d totally endorse the e-book by Dr Andrew Jones called Veterinary Secrets Revealed.  Andrew’s been a practicing vet for 17 years.  But he wanted to do more – to empower people with home cures he knew worked.

His ‘profession’ doesn’t like his book on dog homeopathy and alternative home cures, because it’s not part of their training.  So they don’t use it, and they’re trying to stop him too.

Andrew is actually at risk of being struck off the Vet register because of his books and resources at the moment – that’s how short-sighted the veterinary profession are.  It’s as if they are saying “only we can be right about the health of your dog”.  Well Holly didn’t know what treatment she was getting – all she knew was she got better!  And personally I don’t care if it’s traditional or complementary treatment that works as long as it works.

I bought myself a copy recently.  So read my article about dog homeopathy and find out about Andrew’s amazing work here : Dog Homeopathy And Home Dog Remedies Can Save You Money

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