Quick Dog Training Tips – Using A Tether System

This is a quick tip for dogs which really have a serious barking/enthusiasm and jumping up problem with visitors.  For these you can use a ‘tether’ system.

A tether system is basically an indoor way of making sure your dogs don’t jump up.  It is used as a temporary training aid only.  And always when you are around in sight of the dogs.  It should never be used as a means of confining the dog.  And you should never leave your dog tethered if you are going out.

The system works by stopping the dogs jumping up at visitors.  It is usually used in the lounge / your main reception room where you would all sit down together.

The tether system

The system is very simple.  You will need

  • A good strong eye screw
  • A good strong carabiner clip (get a climbing one used for clipping climbing ropes)
  • Your dog’s lead and collar

eye screw

carabiner clip

Drill a small hole in the wooden skirting board of the lounge away from where guests will be, and screw in the eye screw right down to the end.

If this is going into brick make sure you’ve used a suitable ‘filler’ such as a rawl plug for the screw to screw into.

Attach the carabiner clip to the hand loop of your dog’s lead.  Clip this onto the ‘eye’ of the eye screw.

Clip the ‘clip’ end of the lead onto the dogs collar as usual.  Your dog is now tethered.  And it cannot get at the guests.

Now for the training!

The training

First of all make sure your guests know you’re going to be doing the training.  And it might get a bit repetitive!

Once the dog is tethered, allow your guests into the lounge.  As soon as there is unwanted barking and leaping, all leave the room, including you.  Once everything is quiet again, repeat.

Repeat as many times as it takes for the dog to get the message that they’re on their own until they stop being a nuisance.  Once this happens, keep them tethered – do not let them off.  They need to know that when the guests are there they must behave too.  The dog must be completely calm before you do (see below).

Use this system for all your guests until you get to the point where there is NO unwanted barking or leaping and has not been for several visits.  At that point, let the dogs off the tether once the guests are in the room. 

BUT… any leaping on guests when un-tethered means they go straight back on it.

Rinse and repeat as many times as it takes to get things right.  And have a nice time with guests instead of a mad-dog fest.  And the great thing is when you don’t need the system any more you can simply remove the eye screw and fill in the hole.

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