Quick Dog Training Tips – Dealing With Jumping Up

If your dog jumps up at you this is a very quick tip from a friend of mine called Fleur.  Fleur lives in Birmingham with her whippet and border collie.

The whippet (Bellini) used to have a habit of jumping up at people.  Now Fleur is a music teacher who has students at her house.  So she asked the students to hold onto the whippet’s front paws every time he jumped up at them.  And to keep holding onto his paws long after he had got tired of being up there.

Bellini would start to struggle to get down, but Fleur’s students were under instructions not to let him go.  Eventually after Bellini really had got fed up they would release his paws.

It didn’t take long before he realised that jumping up just got him unpleasantly ‘stuck’ on his back legs and he stopped doing it.  Now this might not work for all dogs, but it did for Bellini.  So why not give it a go. 

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