10 Steps To Choosing A Dog – Otherwise Luck Is All You Have

Back by popular demand – a quick recap on the 10 essential steps to choosing a dog.

Most people think choosing a dog is easy.  It is – when you know how.  But most people don’t know how. 

This is why half of all dogs bought or adopted are given up or euthanised within 12 months.  This is 6.5 million dogs in the USA alone.  I know I keep mentioning this but I want it to really sink in.

The problem is most people don’t think they need help choosing a dog.  Then  they wonder why it doesn’t work out.  It’s because they didn’t seek help or do what the experts do.  Most because they don’t realise how much help they really need.  And they don’t know where to get it.   That’s why I started this site.

More than 50% of people don’t do any of the right things when choosing a dog.  I’d say almost 90% don’t do all the things they should. 

For most people, when it works out, it’s just because they’ve been LUCKY and nothing else.

So here are the 10 essential steps to choosing a dog:

Step 1 – Make sure you’re not following everyone else’s mistakes

There’s a whole list of at least 16 common mistakes which most people make.  Some people make almost all of them when choosing a dog.  Things like not properly checking out a breeder, buying the first thing they see on impulse, going on poor, badly informed third hand advice and so on.

Step 2 – Budget for your dog. 

Most people haven’t a clue what a dog will cost.  You will need $1400 (£1,000) per year on top of the cost of the dog to cover the bare essentials.  You’ll need about $2,500 per year (£1,700) to do things properly.  If you haven’t got $2,500 a year spare, think carefully.

Step 3 – Know you’re ready for a dog

It sounds simple, but it’s not.  Most people think they’re ready.  Most are wrong.  There’s a long and critical list of essential questions which will tell you if you really are.  Questions like ‘will your landlord even let you have a dog in the house/flat’, whether you will change your routines, whether you will always put the dog first.

Step 4 – Know what your lifestyle is like

You need to carefully assess your lifestyle so you know what a dog needs to have or be to fit into it.  ‘Lifestyle’ covers many things such as the size of your house, the age of your children, and even the climate you live in.  There’s a long list of essential ‘need to know’s.

Step 5 –  Know what you need from a dog

This means looking at your lifestyle factors and deciding how that relates to the kind of dog you need.  Things like size, weight, how much exercise you can give, suitability for allergies etc.  There’s a ton of issues you need to cover.  Miss one and you’ve got the wrong dog.

Step 6 – Understand dog breeds

If you understand about breed classification into groups, this can help you identify possibly whole groups of breeds what won’t work for you.  Eg I know gundogs of any kind are just NOT for me.

Step 7 – Know which dogs work best with dog allergies

If you’ve a dog allergy you MUST know the 46 pure breeds which are ‘recommended’ for people with dog allergies.  And know what to avoid as well.  The only place you get the truth is on this site.

Step 8 – Find a responsible source for your dog
Step 8a – Find a responsible breeder

If you want a pure breed dog then you need to know how to search for a good breeder.  One who is reliable, trustworthy, will give you quality pups with sound bodies and tempers.  Not someone who breeds for profit and doesn’t care what they sell you.  (There are far too many of those about, and far more than you could ever realise.)

Step 8b – Meet and vet a breeder for quality

There’s a list of at least 12 key questions you have to answer when you finally meet a breeder.  And over 100 sub-questions which you need to know if they are really telling you the truth.

or skip straight to:

Step 8c – Find a good rescue organisation

If you want to give a recycled dog a second (or third, or fourth) chance of happiness, you’ll need a good rescue.  There are around 40-50 key questions/things you must look for when  you go.

Step 9 – Essential testing for people with dog allergies

If you have a dog allergy you need all the essential ways of testing in real time and also remotely.  Remote testing is good if your possible breeder is some distance from you.  There are ways ot testing your allergy by post you must know about.

Step 10 – Choose a puppy or dog that’s right for you

There are a lot of factors to look for when finally making your choice.  At least 20 questions for an adult dog, and at least 38 things to look for and test in a puppy!

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