Choosing A Dog : We Did All The Wrong Things!

This blog is about a man I met who had just chosen a dog the wrong way.

We got him from people I found on the internet.  I spoke to them and they said he was going to be whippet sized, greyish, with a rough coat.  Actually he’s only 14 weeks and already up to my knees, going to be smooth coated, brindle and greyhound sized!  Apparently, my vet tells me we did all the wrong things when we chose him.

This is a useful lesson!

This guy has a beautiful dog, but there were lots of things he did wrong.  Let’s go through them:

  • He found the ‘breeders’ on the internet, but via a ‘dogs for sale’ advertisement site.  Not through their own breeder website.
  • He spoke to them on the phone but didn’t check out properly what they said
  • When he visited he had pretty much already made a commitment to the dog
  • He did not do any of the proper tests for choosing a puppy
  • He did not take anyone with him who was more knowledgeable about choosing and could advise
  • He was taken in by the breeder’s promises because he did not know better
  • He did not know if this breeder is one with a good reputation and history of good results
  • He did not look for any other alternative breeders
  • He did not see the father or mother of the puppies or see any photographs
  • He does not know anything about the breeding or breed history, including health issues in the bloodlines
  • So he has no idea what size the dog could possibly grow to.
  • He has no dog homing contract

Looking at this list, it could so easily have been a disaster.  It’s pretty much a common list of ‘don’ts’ for choosing a dog.  The kind of thing most people do, and why 50% give up their dog to rescue within 12 months.

Now he’s been lucky so far, because he has a lovely dog with a beautiful nature.  BUT he has a dog which is already going to be too big and too energetic!

And there are other problems looming.   The dog has already taken to jumping the dry stone walls into the nearby fields.  If this dog isn’t securely fenced in he could roam and get lost very quickly.  With his activity levels and playfulness he is also in danger of becoming a sheep worrier.  He will also catch and kill deer, hare and pheasants given the chance.  Maybe even cats.

And he has no recourse to the ‘breeder’ if the dog turns out to be not what he wanted (already done!), a problem, or develops bad health issues.  Because he has no contract and no record of the purchase.

Now I have no doubt that this guy will make a great owner.  I’ve no doubt he loves the dog and will stick with it through thick and thin.  He does have all the right qualities.  But he was just clueless when it came to choosing!

If he had known how to choose he might have still chosen this dog, but at least he would have done it properly.

Top Tips From This Lesson

  • Be extra careful with dog for sale advert sites – you don’t know what you’re getting
  • Take someone with you who knows what to look for and how to choose puppies
  • Ask lots of questions and keep asking
  • Check the breeder’s reputation and the health of their dogs
  • Check out the parents of the litter in detail (in person if you can)
  • Don’t make any kind of commitment before you have seen the dog
  • Spend lots of time there before you part with your money
  • Check out other alternative breeders
  • Get a dog homing contract which sets out your rights as well as the breeder’s

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Choosing A Dog The Right Way

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Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

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