USA Shocking Statistics on Disposable Dogs

In any given year, 13 million American households adopt a dog or puppy. Before the end of the next year, half have been surrendered to shelters.

That’s 6.5 million unwanted dogs or puppies handed in every year.

And that’s every year, year after year.  65 million dogs in 10 years.

No wonder the USA puppy mills are doing such big business.

It’s horrifying to think that so many people – 6.5 MILLION households – make the wrong choice of dog.   Some will have dived in and not really thought about what it means to choose, own and love a dog for life.  To them, a dog is definitely a disposable item.  It’s irresponsible and naiive to jump in without thinking.  It’s even worse to assume that when the novelty wears off, someone else will pick up the tab for those mistakes.

Someone often does.  But not always.  Possibly hundreds of thousands of these dogs will never find a home and simply be destroyed because the shelters are overflowing.

And a lot of these dogs are already the result of other people’s mistakes to begin with.  That’s the really bad part.

My mission in life is simple – I want everyone to know how to choose and make the right choice.  For every person who visits my website to leave with the skills they need to make choosing their dog easy, and their life complete. For the number of farmed puppies and disposable dogs to be zero in my lifetime. That’s my big dream and only you can make it come true.

I’d love for every person who would make a super dog home to have the dog of their dreams.  For every person with a dog allergy to find a dog they can live with.  Even some highly dog-allergic people find a way.

That doesn’t mean that everyone who shouldn’t have a dog now will never have one.  As life changes and people change, so does what they can offer to a dog.  Some people wait until they retire.  Some people can have a dog after their job changes – or they make a life choice to step back a bit and quit the rat race. 

It also doesn’t mean that people who make mistakes can never have a dog.  Lots of people can get a dog early in life and find they’ve done the wriong thing, then adopt in their thirties, forties and beyond perfectly well.

But for some people, the right choice will be to never have a dog at all.

If you add all that together – and everyone makes the right choice at the right time – we are one step closer to puppy mills and rescues not being needed.  And that will be cause for a big celebration!

Choosing A Dog The Right Way

It’s a fact that 50% of all people who get a dog have to rehome it in less than 12 months.  It’s also a very sad truth that a huge number of puppies bought are from puppy farms – raised in appalling conditions without adequate care, veterinary treatment, food or socialisation.  Many have health problems and behavioural issues.  And these contribute to the problems you as owners face when you get them home.

Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

That’s why this site was set up.  My mission in life is for everyone who is right for a dog to have a dog they love to live with.  To get rid of as many puppy farms as possible, and rescue centres, by making sure you choose right first time.

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You can choose to get it right.  The tools on this site give you all the opportunity you need to choose the right dog.  Not everyone has lots of money to splash about so there’s everything from free to a serious investment.  However if you’re spending $800 or more on a pedigree puppy then just a little bit extra invested now could make all the difference later on.

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