Puppy Farms : You’re Buying Sickness, Starvation and Suffering

In the last two weeks I have had several e-mails from my mailing lists about puppy farming.  I know it exists – I’ve done rescue work so I know about farming greyhounds for money especially.

But what shocked me is the SHEER SCALE of the operations.  Especially in the USA where the market for puppies is enormous and they still sell puppies through pet shops.

In the USA alone 13 million dogs are bought or adopted from rescue shelters every year!

When I see the pictures and read the words I am sickened, angered and horrified at how WE can do this to living creatures.  It is battery farming for dogs and it is brutal, cruel and disgusting. 

Even now as I am writing this I can see the pictures of what went on simply to make money. Here’s just a taste of those e-mails

Emaciated, bred repeatedly with no recovery time and living in deplorable conditions, these dogs were days away from certain death. They had almost lost the fight to survive….

Imagine… you’re searching online for a new puppy and you stumble onto a web site that appears to have just the one you’ve been looking for. According to the site, the pup is vaccinated, in good health, and has his official papers. There are even photos: in one, the puppy is scampering through a field of daisies; in another, he’s curled up by the fireplace in a comfy little bed.

Now imagine that everything you’ve just seen and read is a lie.  The dogs receive little or no medical care, even when they’re clearly sick or in pain. The animals are kept in tiny wire crates, stacked on top of each other several stories high. There’s barely room to stand, let alone turn around, and urine and feces leak through the mesh flooring to the crates below. The dogs live year round in warehouses with no heating or cooling, even though temperatures can reach below zero in the winter and over a hundred degrees in the summer.

On the Internet, deception is easy

How can you stop this?  By only buying puppies from good, caring, responsible breeders who live for passion and purpose, not profit.  By only buying a puppy when you can see WHERE and HOW it has been bred, as well as kept.

By opening your eyes to what’s around you and being wise to choosing a dog the right way.  Buying on impulse from pet stores or over the net – and you’re keeping these people in business.  You make it profitable for them to keep doing it.

It’s battery farming for dogs.  We need to stamp it out NOW.

Choosing A Dog The Right Way

It’s a fact that 50% of all people who get a dog have to rehome it in less than 12 months.  It’s also a very sad truth that a huge number of puppies bought are from puppy farms – raised in appalling conditions without adequate care, veterinary treatment, food or socialisation.  Many have health problems and behavioural issues.  And these contribute to the problems you as owners face when you get them home.

Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

That’s why this site was set up.  My mission in life is for everyone who is right for a dog to have a dog they love to live with.  To get rid of as many puppy farms as possible, and rescue centres, by making sure you choose right first time.

You can choose to get it right.  The tools on this site give you all the opportunity you need to choose the right dog.  Not everyone has lots of money to splash about so there’s everything from free to a serious investment.  However if you’re spending $800 or more on a pedigree puppy then just a little bit extra invested now could make all the difference later on.

Get Your Free Guides!

Most people make a mess of choosing a dog.  Puppy farms do big business because of it.  Sickness, starvation and suffering are the price the dogs pay. It’s a multi-billion industry you don’t want to fund. Get a lifetime of support from people who care.  Fast track your success with the best tips around.  Get your Free Guides today by clicking this link

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