Choosing a Dog – Why Distance Isn’t Important

There was someone interested in the white bitch puppy.  He e-mailed to say she was exactly what he was looking for but could he have a discount because he was travelling more than 2 hours to collect her!  We sell our lurchers to Canada and all over the world.  We do quality.  We don’t do discounts.  Vicki Grocott, UK

Vicki breeds, shows and works lurchers.  Her dogs all come with vaccination shots and ‘pedigrees’ showing the breeding lines used.  My Arwen came from Vicki.  And as she said, people come from all over the world to buy her dogs.

But this discussion I had with Vicki illustrates an important point about choosing a dog.  If it is the right dog for you, distance isn’t really that important.  She has buyers worldwide.

I travelled 600 miles and back to get Kylah.  240 miles to get Arwen.  350 miles to get Vinnie.  And went to Virginia for Ma’aloo.  I know people who have also travelled thousands of miles for their perfect dog.  That’s because once you’ve chosen the right breed, you then have to choose the right breeder.

Choosing the right breeder involves careful checks on the quality of the breeder.  Things like:

  • their track record in the breed
  • the health and lifespan of their dogs
  • where and how they keep their dogs
  • how often they breed from a female
  • the breeding lines used
  • their ability and willngness to share with you everything they know

What you want is a breeder you feel most comfortable with, that has high quality puppies.  To get the best match might involve a journey of several hundred miles.  Or it could be just down the road.  It also doesn’t matter if you’re a dog breeder yourself or just want a pet. 

If you need a less popular breed, you might have to travel a long distance anyway.  Be prepared for that.

So don’t rule out any breeders just because they are a long way from you.  That is unless it’s realy impossible for you to get to them.  Because the best quality puppies – the ones worth having – are worth working a little harder to get.

And breeders really appreciate it if you have spent time and trouble seeking them out.  It shows commitment if you’re prepared to travel hundreds of miles just for a meeting with them to see if you ‘click’.

After all this is a lifetime relationship, with your dog and the person who bred it.  So you owe it to yourself to choose a dog and a breeder that’s as close to perfect as they can be.  Distance is hardly a factor.  A a long car journey is a small price to pay for 15 years of happiness.

Choosing A Dog The Right Way

It’s a fact that 50% of all people who get a dog have to rehome it in less than 12 months.  It’s also a very sad truth that a huge number of puppies bought are from puppy farms – raised in appalling conditions without adequate care, veterinary treatment, food or socialisation.  Many have health problems and behavioural issues.  And these contribute to the problems you as owners face when you get them home.

Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

That’s why this site was set up.  My mission in life is for everyone who is right for a dog to have a dog they love to live with.  To get rid of as many puppy farms as possible, and rescue centres, by making sure you choose right first time.

You can choose to get it right.  The tools on this site give you all the opportunity you need to choose the right dog.  Not everyone has lots of money to splash about so there’s everything from free to a serious investment.  However if you’re spending $800 or more on a pedigree puppy then just a little bit extra invested now could make all the difference later on.

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Most people make a mess of choosing a dog.  Puppy farms do big business because of it.  Sickness, starvation and suffering are the price the dogs pay. It’s a multi-billion industry you don’t want to fund. Get a lifetime of support from people who care.  Fast track your success with the best tips around.  Get your Free Guides today by clicking this link    Send article as PDF   

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