Choosing A Dog : Love At First Sight Doesn’t Work

I just picked this up off the internet and thought I’d share it with you.  It’s a good example of how falling in love based on looks only gets people into trouble.

I believe this is the main reason why so many dogs become mistreated, abandoned and in rescue.  Here’s where it started to go wrong:

He was just irresistibly cute. The minute we laid eyes on him, we wanted to take him home.

This couple fell for a young Beagle in a pet store based on looks alone.  Their mistake?  Actually there was more than one:

  1. They’d not thought about any other aspect of their lifestyle before signing up 
  2. They’d taken on a puppy
  3. They’d taken on a puppy from a strong working breed

Once the dog got home it proved far too much of a handful.  It raced about the house, repeatedly knocking over their small child and hurting it in it’s enthusiasm.  The couple had to take the pup back for rehoming with people more suited to the dog. 

You’ll notice I said “people more suited to the dog“.  I like to think of it that way around and put the dog first.  That’s the way the rescue operated when I was doing my rescue work.

In this case some simple questioning of the couple’s needs and lifestyle would easily have shown that a puppy was not a good idea.  Puppies have boundless energy and need constant attention.  Just like a baby or young child.  Plus Beagles were bred for fox hunting – designed to eat up the miles with people on horses!  Not a good choice for a household where a young child takes up most of the time.

Sadly some rescue centres are more concerned with finding homes for their dogs than doing the matching process properly.  They’d rather have the dogs off their books than look at the long term picture for the adopters.  That’s why some rescues have high return rates.   I’ve another story to illustrate that coming soon.

Love at first sight only works when you already KNOW that breed fits your lifestyle.  Then you can go and choose the dog that appeals because you know all the other aspects are ‘safe’.

I know to my cost how expensive love at first sight can be.  More than $5,000 (£3,500).  Even if you’re adopting from a rescue you’ll pay an adoption fee and the cost of dog bedding, leads, collars, toys, food, insurance in the first month.  It quickly mounts up.  And if you take a dog back to rescue most ask for a ‘taking back’ fee as well.

If you take a puppy back to a breeder you won’t get any money back because the breeder then has to go through the expense of finding another home.

Top Tips:
  • If you’re tempted to act on “love at first sight” my advice is sit on your hands, your wallet and your heart, and re-read this article.  Then go and work out what your lifestyle really says about the dog for you before trying it again.
  • If you’re adopting from a rescue centre, ask them what percentage of their dogs get returned.  If they can’t tell you, walk away.  If it’s more than 20%, walk away.  If it’s over 10% ask them what they’re doing about it. Because you need rescues which use their return rates to improve and do the matching properly.

Choosing A Dog The Right Way

It’s a fact that 50% of all people who get a dog have to rehome it in less than 12 months.  It’s also a very sad truth that a huge number of puppies bought are from puppy farms – raised in appalling conditions without adequate care, veterinary treatment, food or socialisation.  Many have health problems and behavioural issues.  And these contribute to the problems you as owners face when you get them home.

Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

That’s why this site was set up.  My mission in life is for everyone who is right for a dog to have a dog they love to live with.  To get rid of as many puppy farms as possible, and rescue centres, by making sure you choose right first time.

You can choose to get it right.  The tools on this site give you all the opportunity you need to choose the right dog.  Not everyone has lots of money to splash about so there’s everything from free to a serious investment.  However if you’re spending $800 or more on a pedigree puppy then just a little bit extra invested now could make all the difference later on.

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