Why Honesty Is The Best Policy When Choosing A Dog

This was inspired by an e-mail I received from someone about wanting a dog but not having any time for exercising it.

All dogs need some exercise – even tiny toy ones. But at least they were being honest.  So I thought I’d tell you a story about honesty.

I once rehomed a foster dog to a couple who weren’t honest about their circumstances.  Of course this ended in disaster.

Mabel, a small whippet x labrador lurcher

Mabel was a delightful little whippet/labrador cross, full of fun and only 11 months old.  The couple checked out in all respects – professional, likeable, own home, own garden (securely fenced), working full time but could come back at lunch or provide a dog sitter, happy to do 2 walks a day.  So they were approved and Mabel went ‘home’.

One month later we received a call to say things were not working out.  Mabel was being naughty and very destructive, soiling the house and so on.  No problems like that at MY house so we enquired deeper.

It turned out they were leaving Mabel in the house on her own for 8 hours or more during the day (Monday to Friday).   They were only giving her about half an hour per day exercise.  No wonder she was getting frustrated and finding things to occupy her time.

Mabel came back to me and was homed the very next day to a lovely family with children and a cat.  They HAD been honest about their circumstances.  And therefore everything went brilliantly.  I received some pictures of Mabel a few weeks later.  She looked so happy. 

Dishonesty is a disaster when you’re getting a dog.  If you try and make something fit which shouldn’t, you will have a problem dog on your hands very quickly.  Any dog behaviourist will tell you that.  And a dog behaviourist won’t solve problems caused by dishonesty either – unless the owners are willing to change.

There are a lot of factors you need to consider when choosing a dog.  Personally I think the biggest one is the amount of exercise you can do.  But there is a list of key factors and you need to look at ALL of them.  Factors such as suitability with children, how well certain breeds get on with other dogs, where you live, how much space you have, etc. 

If you’re not honest about even one of those factors you could end up with an unhappy dog.  This will make you unhappy and cost you money to put right. 

You can’t be honest enough.  It really is the best policy when choosing a dog.  That way you choose the right dog for you and everyone wins.

Choosing A Dog The Right Way

It’s a fact that 50% of all people who get a dog have to rehome it in less than 12 months.  It’s also a very sad truth that a huge number of puppies bought are from puppy farms – raised in appalling conditions without adequate care, veterinary treatment, food or socialisation.  Many have health problems and behavioural issues.  And these contribute to the problems you as owners face when you get them home.

Failure HURTS.   The emotional and financial cost of choosing the wrong dog can be hard to recover from.   Learning to choose a dog the right way takes a long time. You have to know all the questions before you know if you have the answers.  Missing even a small piece of the puzzle can cause serious problems.

That’s why this site was set up.  My mission in life is for everyone who is right for a dog to have a dog they love to live with.  To get rid of as many puppy farms as possible, and rescue centres, by making sure you choose right first time.

You can choose to get it right.  The tools on this site give you all the opportunity you need to choose the right dog.  Not everyone has lots of money to splash about so there’s everything from free to a serious investment.  However if you’re spending $800 or more on a pedigree puppy then just a little bit extra invested now could make all the difference later on.

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