Dog Allergies and Allergy Testing – Put Yourself First

Don’t you think the brain is an amazing thing?  How many times during the day does it do something seemingly random which then somehow has a purpose? All of a sudden the cogs start whirring and out pops a blog post!

Choosing a dog is a big decision, especially your first one.  And it’s even more important when you have a dog allergy that things go well.  That’s because dogs are a big responsibility.  They depend on you for all of their needs, so it’s important to put the dog first once you have it.

But just this once, before you choose a low allergy dog, you have to put YOU first.  This is the only time you’ll hear me say that, so there must be a good reason.

Unlike other people, you’ve got very special needs. And dog allergies are tricky things.  You can react differently to the different low allergy breeds.  It’s all about chemistry.  What works for one person doesn’t work for the next. And in your desire for a dog you must not be blinded to the consequences for your health.

Some people are – and dogs end up in rescue through lack of thought, planning and choosing the right one.

Before you dive into checking out the breeds, you must make sure you have your allergy all worked out.  This means:

  • you have a good idea of how allergic you are
  • you must see your doctor and/or allergy specialist and made sure they know of your plans
  • with your doctor or allergy specialist, making absolutely sure your allergy medication is right and at the right levels for the testing you’re about to do
  • keeping in touch with your doctor/allergy specialist as you go through the process
  • limiting your exposure to low allergy breeds initially until you become aware of and comfortable with the types of reactions you are getting
  • only moving onto in-depth or extended time testing when you are really sure your health is safe.

I care about you.  And I care about your future dog.  I care enough to make sure you’re ok all the way through.  I give you information and tests in the book which you can use.  But you should only use those tests or spend extended time with a low allergy breed of dog when you are absolutely and completely sure you are not putting your health at risk. 

 Put yourself first, this time.  Put your health first.  Always discuss things with your doctor and always make sure your medication is right for your new situation.

 That way you will get a dog you’ll love to live with – happily and healthily!

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