My Poorly Dog and Pet Insurance

Kylah had a horrible accident in Bradenham Woods.   She was gone for about 10 minutes.  She’s not often away that long so I was really panicking by the time she reappeared.  She returned completely exhausted with blood all over. She had a completely mangled nose.  Her bite (where her teeth come together) was all offset,  and she had multiple fractures in her upper jaw. 

She went straight into emergency care over night with a fluid drip and painkillers.  She was operated on locally the next day. To the vets’ amazement and delight she was eating soft food by that same evening  Her jaws have been carefully wired back into place and it will be 6 weeks before she can have them out.

Total cost £1,300.

This brings me onto an important point about pet insurance.

Would you prefer to insure your dog, or take the risk and pay when it happens?

Insurance companies are there to cover their risks.  They aren’t there to give charity.  This means they set their charges so that their fund for insurance claims is always solvent.

It usually balances out.  I did a calculation of vet bills vs the cost of insurance and excess levels several times over the years.  Each time I’ve found that the amount I’d have paid for insurance was about the same as I actually paid out for accidents as they happened.

You don’t normally get out more than you pay in.  But with insurance, if something big does happen, you won’t suddenly have to find thousands to put it right.  You’re effectively ‘banking’ a monthly payment with the insurance company to cover you if something awful does go wrong.  There’s a lot in favour of that peace of mind.

If you have an income big enough not to worry, then paying vets bills as they happen might be ok for you.  Even with big costs.  But if you need to carefully watch what’s going in and out of your account each month, then insurance is the way to go.

Because if something big does happen, you could have to put your dog to sleep because you can’t afford the surgery.  A horrible thought.

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