Are Hypoallergenic Dogs A Myth?

I was doing some research on the internet last night and came across this question, which someone had typed into Google.  I thought it was an interesting question.  The answer to this is ‘no’ because there are at least 43 pure breeds of dog that are verified as hypoallergenic. 

Hypoallergenic is also commonly termed low allergy or non-shedding.

Plus there are at least another 12-15 which could be.  And I’m waiting for a few Kennel Clubs to get back to me. 

But what intrigued me was why this person was asking the question. 

  • Had they received second or third hand information from someone who said the notion of hypoallergenic dogs was ‘rubbish’ and believed it? 
  • Were they just victims of the mass market which doesn’t really cater for someone who needs to choose a low allergy dog? 
  • Had they somehow got the idea that ‘hypoallergenic’ meant entirely no allergy-producing qualities? 
  • Or was there some other reason?

If you get your free guide, get a BONUS guide on hypoallergenic dogs.  These are known to work for allergy sufferers.  Not everyone will have the same reactions but all of them work for some people – even very highly allergic people.

You see – they are real!  So what to do next?  Well simply…

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